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Hollingworth Group Ltd prides itself on quality of our manufacturing and workmanship of our products supplied to you.  However, if your book arrives damaged or with a manufacturing defect you can contact us by emailing customerservices@lovephotbooks.co.uk within 14 days of receipt and we will endeavour to rectify any problems.



By using this web site, you agree as the customer (“the Customer”) to follow and be bound by the following disclaimer (“Agreement”) and you represent and warrant that you are authorized to enter into this Agreement on behalf of yourself and/or the entity that you purport to represent.



We are committed to providing high quality products. It is the responsibility of the Customer placing the final product order to check and approve a proof, whether through our software or otherwise, for any errors in design, text, background, border and/or any other layout effect including but not limited to the effects offered within the photo book creator.


File Size/Colour Management

We will not be held responsible for any file submitted that is too small or any files that are not properly colour corrected and thereby has a print quality that is not appealing to the Customer.  The software will alert you of any files that are too small to print well but will not alert you to any colour management issues.



For Customers ordering more than one book or ordering a product where layout and colour management are extremely important, we highly recommend that the Customer order a test to serve as a printed proof. A test may be ordered at full price (quantity: one minimum) to approve all elements of the product this can be arranged by making contact through Lovephotobooks.com contact us page.  If a test print is not ordered or there any problems with the file which occur due to a colour management or calibration issue, we will not be held responsible for any quality issues as listed above.


Returns Policy

Lovephotobooks.com will supply goods in accordance with the contract entered into at the time of purchase. Should any fault or defect be present when the item is received, such faults must be notified to Lovephotobooks.com. Contact the customer support team at customerservices@lovephotobooks.com within 7 days of receipt.

In the case of non-delivery, you must notify Lovephotobooks.com within 14 days of the products dispatch date. An email will be sent to each customer at the time of dispatch.

When reporting any issue please quote your lovephotobooks.com order number and also provide a couple of photos to illustrate the issue in the event of a fault or defect.

Your issue will be investigated and you will be advised of our findings within 5 working days.

If an item is to be returned please return it in the original packaging provided and enclose a brief note explaining why the item is being returned that must include the lovephotobooks.com order number.

We will pay for the postage if we have requested the item be returned and the product is deemed defective.

The returns address is: Lovephotobooks, CO Hollingworth & Moss Ltd. Manor Street Industrial Estate, Enfield Terrace, Leeds LS7 1RG.

Please note that only technical inadequacies, which were avoidable with the technology available is considered a defect, but does not include aspects of personal taste. Differences in colours between the images and the original image data are not a defect.

There is no defect if reduced quality is due to the poor quality (low resolution) of the original image data.

Any defects are rectified by corrections or replacements. Only if these corrections or replacements are unsatisfactory do you have the right to a discount or to a refund for the faulty product.

In the event that you return any Products to Us in accordance with this section and We can demonstrate that they were not faulty when received by you, We reserve the right to refuse to offer a refund or return the Products to you and to claim the cost of such return postage from you.

Canceling the order: Because the photobooks are personalized goods, once an order has been submitted and paid for by the customer, the customer is unable to change or cancel the order.



We take great care in packaging products for shipping. All shipments are sent via Royal Mail or secure next day delivery by UPS. Should any product(s) be damaged in shipping, we will not be held responsible for reprinting, monetary return or any other method of reimbursement to the Customer. Orders are by default insured for a notational value, payable by the courier. Additional insurance may be purchased and must be specified by the Customer and paid in full prior to shipping. If insurance must be collected for a product damaged in shipping, it is the responsibility of the Customer to collect directly from the courier.


General Agreement

We will not be held responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate content within the product and full responsibility is held with the Customer(s) or other organization creating the product including but not limited to the Customer(s) using our online creator. This Agreement announces that you as the Customer hold ‘Hollingworth Group’ and each of their directors, partners and employees, harmless from and against any loss, liability, claim or demand, including reasonable lawyer’s fees, arising out of any claim, action, investigation or proceeding made or instituted by any third party due to or arising out of your use of ‘this web site’ including but not limited to the creator tool in violation of this Agreement or your violation of any law or the rights of a third party. We reserve the right not to print any material which may be considered offensive or inappropriate.


Copyright Agreement

This is to certify that ‘This web site (Including accredited licence key holders)’ have been authorized by the Customer to manufacture their product. (If the Customer is not the copyright owner, this certifies that the Customer has the licensing rights for this material and authorizes ‘Hollingworth Group’ to manufacture the product on their behalf.) In the event any person, entity or agency contests, disputes or challenges us regarding the replication/duplication of any content of the product, the Customer agrees to indemnify ‘Our company & licence key holders’, and hold harmless from all legal expenses that may be incurred by ‘said companies and accredited agents’, as well as all damages infringement of any patent, copyright, trademark, trade dress or trade secrets. We agree this Certification and Indemnification shall continue for a period of ten (10) years from the date this Copyright Certification and/or Licensing Rights and Indemnification was agreed to. In consideration of ‘Our company & licence key holders’ undertaking to perform services for the Customer, the Customer agrees to be bound by the terms of this Copyright Certification and Licensing Rights and Indemnification.




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